Here are some rave reviews from Eye Prefer New York Tour clients

“My family spent a week in New York, and the highlight of our trip was our Eye Prefer New York Tour of the Meat Packing District. The guide’s breadth of knowledge is impressive and she has her finger on the pulse of all the latest trends, from music to food to art.  I was impressed with her depth of insight and she wove in things the kids would enjoy (cup cakes that looked like a bowl of spaghetti) and ended our tour at a carousel. Be sure to ask her to take you on The Highline, the beautiful new park high above the city on an old railroad track. We enjoyed her approach to the tour and with her infectious enthusiasm, clearly she loves New York. ” —Sheila, and Richard K., Denver CO.

“Our guide seems to have her finger on the pulse of NYC- her awareness of what’s hot and happening in architecture, food or shopping is impressive. We’d love to take another Eye Prefer New York Tour and have referred her to anyone looking for the NEW in New York…” — Laura W. Atlanta, GA.

“We love NY and have visited many times…but The Tour of the Meat Packing District and The Highline were the highlight of our recent trip. I studied Landscape Architecture and she knew fascinating detail’s about the area’s origins, and pointed out terrific stuff we would have missed. A memorable experience- fun, informative and unique. We love Eye Prefer New York!”  — Judith, Seattle,WA

Here are some rave reviews from Eye Prefer Paris Tour clients

“Although we had been to Paris many times before Richard showed us things we would have never seen without him.  Richard took us on two wonderful private Paris tours this spring. He showed us small private art galleries and introduced us to his good friends who ran them.  On another day Richard took us to some out-of-the-way early morning food markets where we sampled some of the tasty delicacies.  Richard knows Paris like the back of his hand and works hard to understand his clients so that his tours reveal the fascinating textures and tones of a city that only the French know. “  — David & Mariela H.,Toronto, Ontario

“Richard is the best friend you always wished you had in Paris. The Eye Prefer Paris tour sites were spot-on and perfectly paced. As familiar as I am with Paris, I will take this delightful sympathique tour on all my visits from now on.”  — Judy G.

“Richard Nahem is the ultimate personal guide in Paris for the discerning traveler.  His broad knowledge of food and antique markets, the latest art exhibitions, unique shops, architecture and nuances of the city make for the ideal Parisian experience.  We also enjoyed his affable and warm personality.  Who would have thought that he would know every chic children’s clothing store in the city?!” — Nirit R, NYC

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